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Our signature beads "AMOURRINE" are pierced pearls handmade in Murano. Our artisans forge the beads working on millefiori glass rods made in Murano ("murrine") with the lampwork technique and a special tweezer made exclusively for AMOURRINA. We pay meticulous attention to enhancing the original design of the murrina glass rods - to avoid the burrs and misalignments of the pearls generally on the market - and each bead is forged with love. Variants in production: Ø 8,5mm, Ø 14mm, Ø 19mm.

The murrine canes or "millefiori" are glass rods in polychromatic layers made exclusively by hand by the master glassmakers of the ancient mill EFFETRE MURANO, headquarterd in the island of Murano, Venice.

The millefiori glass rods are cut into small cylinders using a tool similar to the guillotine and grounded to adjust their height. The cylinders are then heated with a lamp (the so called "lamp technique"), slowly introducing the glass rods into the flame to prevent cracking from thermal shock. When molten, the murrine are coupled two by two on a copper barrel - which creates the hole - and forged using special tweezers to become AMOURRINE.