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A precious choker with a medium-sized signature AMOURRINA bead, made in Murano con amore. 

Choose the color and the design of your AMOURRINA bead and make this necklace your signature finishing touch, a jewel that you will never be in a mood to take off.

We love combining the EXCELSIOR choker with a VENEZIANA necklace and a LIDO necklace for the perfect, playful layering. 

BEAD: medium-sized (Ø14mm) Amourrina bead, handmade in Murano (Venice, Italy)

CHAIN: rolo chain (lenght 40 cm, Ø3mm) closed by a spring ring clasp. 

MATERIAL and FINISHING: bronze, 18k gold plating


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Amourrina beads are handmade of glass. Manufacturing of this product has been realized in Murano (Venice) with hand crafted procedures, therefore small imperfections, subsidence and ripples of the surface are deliberately present and they are a feature of the product, proving
the hand-made manufacturing procedure. Each bead is unique!

CARE: Avoid falls and bumps to prevent chipping or breakage. In recent years, arsenic and lead -both proven harmful to the environment and to humans -have been removed from the ingredients composing the glass used to make the murrine rods. Due to this change in the components blend, the white parts of the beads could oxidize over time. This oxide, which is not harmful in any way, can be easily removed by cleaning the beads with a cotton swab or soft cloth soaked with a common anti-rust product.


All the metal components are handmade of brass 18k gold plated and are nickel free. Manufacturing has been realised in a small craft workshop in Arezzo which adopts responsible policy towards the sustainability
of production using brass alloys produced exclusively from recycled and certified resources

CARE: To make your gold plated items last for as long as possible, we recommend you limit the exposure to certain substances
such as chlorine, perfume, lotion, sprays, sea water. Only use a soft cloth to clean your item, for example the kind of cloth used to clean glasses with.