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Welcome to the colourful wolrd of the Carnevale necklace!

The Carnevale necklace is made of four kinds of beads: our signature small and medium-sized AMOURRINA beads are indeed alternated with lamp-worked spherical beads and plenty of “conterie”, tiny multicoloured beads. Each kind of bead is handmade by a specialised artisan in Murano, to then be passed on to the loving hands of our smith, who thoughtfully assembles the jewel. The Carnevale necklace is therefore the final product of four sets of hands, all based in Venice.

The necklace is composed by the beaded corp and two chains, each one ending with a spring-ring clasp allowing you to wear the necklace shorter (47cm) or longer (65cm).

Small differences in the beads combination will make your necklace unique. 

BEADS: 1 Medium Amourrina Bead (Ø14mm), 6 Small Amourrine beads (Ø8mm), 8 lamp-worked spherical beads (Ø8mm), small conterie beads.

CHAIN: 18k gold plated bronze rolo chain (40cm lenght).

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