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Your unique CHARM, the original Amourrina jewel, will become a loyal companion in all of your endeavours.

A signature Amourrina bead of your choice is elegantly set on a gold plated ring, easily attached to any accessory in your closet and beyond. Add it on a necklace or a bracelet, on an earring or on a handbag to make any look unique. Made in Murano, con amore. 

Choose the color, the design, the size and the setting of your bead and make a lucky Amourrina CHARM truly yours! Your Amourrina CHARM will quickly become your signature finishing touch of any outfit. 

BEAD: Amourrina bead, small (Ø8mm), handmade in Murano (Venice, Italy)

METAL and FINISHING: bronze, 18k gold plating

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